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How 5 Years of Conservative Rule have Redefined North Carolina!

altered-state-logo-side-2-300pxThe November elections of 2010 brought about a major upheaval in North Carolina’s political leadership, with the General Assembly witching to Republican control for the first time in more than a century. The 2012 gubernatorial election only served to reinforce this transformation.

In the following special report, “Altered State: How Five years of conservative rule have redefined North Carolina,” the staff at N.C. Policy Watch takes an in-depth look at a number of the key policy changes that have resulted and the real world impact those changes have produced.

Elections Matter! Your Vote is Your Voice!

In 2012, Democratic congressional candidates won 1.4 million more votes than Republicans but Republicans easily won control of the House of Representatives. Why?

Because Republican governors and state legislators implemented a state-by-state plan in 2010 to gerrymander legislative districts with hyper-partisan maps. It’s time to fight back – and one of the best ways to fight back is by electing Democratic governors in key states before the 2020 redistricting. Stop Gerrymandering!

Why Choose a Political Party?


There are no Democratic Party candidates for county commissioner – despite at least six months of the party’s vigorous recruitment efforts. Why? Taking a Stand! 

Participate. Engage. Locally. Socially. Democracy needs your help, your voice. Let us celebrate our diversity.

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