A year on from November 2016, Democrats have roared back, claiming victories and flipping seats in races up and down the ballot and across the country.

The breadth of the Democratic wins surprised even the most optimistic party stalwarts.

  • Democrats made massive gains in Virginia’s House of Delegates, FLIPPING AT LEAST 14 REPUBLICAN SEATS. Four other races were so close that they qualify for a recount, and results will determine control of the chamber. The results marked the most sweeping shift in control of the VA legislature since the Watergate era.
  • Democratic governors were elected in VA and NJ — by landslide margins.
  • 60% of voters in Maine approved a referendum to expand Medicaid, doing an end-run around Republican Gov. Paul LePage, who had vetoed the move. The vote brings Maine, hard hit by the opioid epidemic, in line with 31 other states that have expanded their state healthcare programs.

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