Doug-Jones-Victory-crowd-ap-imgBarely one year out from November 2016, Democrats have come roaring back, flipping seats across the country and fighting for progress, inclusion, and common decency:

  • Last month, Virginia Republicans went into Election Day with nearly a 2/3 majority. Democrats mobilized and flipped 16 seats. We also triumphed in statewide races for governor, lt. governor, and attorney general. 
  • Last month, over 60% of Maine voters approved a referendum to expand Medicaid, doing an end-run around Republican Governor Paul LePage, who had vetoed the move.
  • Last week, Georgia Democrats broke the Republican supermajority in the state Senate.
  • And on Tuesday, in deep-red Alabama, energized Democrats elected Doug Jones, flipping an Alabama Senate seat to Democrats for the first time in a quarter-century and dealing a huge political setback to Donald Trump. Jones’ victory is a rebuke to Roy Moore, Steve Bannon, and Trump — and the bigotry, sexism, and toxicity they represent . Black Alabamians, despite Republican voter suppression efforts, mobilized for Jones in historic numbers and were crucial to his win.

Democrats across the country are fired up — and here, in North Carolina, we can break the Republican supermajority in 2018. With more than two months to go until the filing date, we now have 70 candidates who have announced or are in, including unprecedented numbers of women.

But we must mobilize: Get out the vote in your precincts and among your friends. Volunteer ( And DONATE!