45737142_1122615281239881_9048714640552361984_n60% of Transylvania County voters voted in 2018, compared to 55% in 2014.

We elected every North Carolina Democratic Party candidate who ran for statewide office:

  • Congratulations Anita Earls, our new NC Supreme Court justice. With Anita’s election, five of seven NC Supreme Court justices are now Democrats.
  • Congratulations John Arrowood (incumbent), Toby Hampson, and Allegra Collins, all of whom were elected to NC’s Court of Appeals. With their elections, seven of 15 COA judges are now Democrats.

We reelected Marty Griffin to our School Board and passed the much-needed School Bond.

We voted down two deceptive amendments that would have undermined the independence of our courts and jeopardized the efficacy of our state elections board.

WE BROKE THE SUPERMAJORITY IN BOTH HOUSES OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, restoring the Governor’s veto power and providing a powerful check on the power-grabbing we’ve seen from the far-right. Thanks to NC voters, our state government has been brought closer back to the center.

Nationwide, Democrats took back the House. We also flipped Governor’s seats to blue in seven states.

We are so proud of Norm Bossert, Sam Edney, and Phillip Price. You ran your campaigns with integrity. You stood for healthcare access, economic fairness, inclusivity, and our fragile environment.

We are so proud of William Hemphill, who sought to serve and protect everyone in our county.

Our local party is run completely by volunteers. Thank you to everyone for your tireless work, from canvassing, to phone-banking, to poll greeting.

We take heart at our wins. We find resolve in our losses. We know that progress has to be fought for — and that the process is a marathon, not a sprint.