In these crazy times, there are many unknowns and fears for Americans. We are currently experiencing a novel coronavirus pandemic, with ensuing record-breaking job loss and market crashes.

Leadership on the federal level continues to disappoint, with Trump’s administration receiving criticism by Democrats for its delayed response, as well as our own Senator referring himself to an ethics committee for profiteering. (Read here for info on trading by federal officials)

While things seem dismal, now more than ever it is important for us to recognize our own power and ability to affect change. What can you do to make sure we as a nation and state are more prepared for public health emergencies? What weaknesses are being exposed in our own county and state that allow suffering to permeate and grow during tough times?

If you are concerned about NC being one of the worst states for unemployment eligibility and benefits, about the hardworking service industry employees and small business owners, or the travel restrictions on tourism, which normally fuels our economy and revenue, we encourage you to find a way to get involved with your government. Transylvania County has citizens advisory boards, where you are able to support your County Commissioners in their decision making process. Sign up for one today!

Furthermore, supporting candidates and Democrats on the grass roots level is the vital way to make a difference in the direction of our public policy. Directly supporting your neighborhood’s voter turnout will make a difference at all levels of government. Help us flip the Senate by electing Cal Cunningham, and the NC General Assembly by getting Brian Caskey and Sam Edney to Raleigh. Get Moe Davis to DC to represent you in the US House. Educate your community on the importance of having an honest legislator, and you will leave the world a better place.

Our candidates are conscious of the financial worry that comes with the pandemic, so if you do not have money to give, your time is even more valuable. Help phone bank, email, and share valuable information during the pandemic. Candidates can be contacted via their individual websites, or sign up to volunteer for our party in the menu above.

If you are fearful about the pandemic and its affect our electoral process, stay informed by the NC State Board of Elections website. Its recommendations will help voters access the polls, even if the virus persists. We will know more about the steps taken to ensure our election happens once the NCGA reconvenes at the end of the month.

We look forward to seeing all of your faces via ZOOM for County Convention! More on that later. For now, check on your neighbors, support your precinct chair, and be grateful we live in such a special part of the world.

In solidarity,

Sellers Shook

TCDP 3rd Vice Chair