Coming Soon…to your mailbox….

All registered democrats in Transylvania County will be receiving a color mailer sent out by your County Democrats as a public service. This includes a list of our 2020 candidates and two request forms for absentee ballots and envelopes pre-addressed to he Transylvania County Board of Elections. 

It is easy as pie to use. 
First, Rip off the candidates listing and save for reference when you vote. I’m placing mine on my refrigerator.

Second, Fill out the absentee ballots request form with all request information listed exactly as it appears on your voter registration card. 

Third, fold request form in half and tape.

Fourth, Fill in return address exactly as it is listed in your voter registration information.

Fifth, Return in person to the Board of Elections or place a stamp in the front right corner and mail. 

The North Carolina Democratic Party offers the Civic Engine so that voters may find a list of Democratic Candidates online, as well.

Questions? Please feel free to reach out to us at 828 384-1020 –

Julia Kennerly, TCDP Chair