Transylvania County Democratic Party

Part of the North Carolina 11th Congressional District

Volunteer Positions Available

Our county leadership is seeking people to fill two positions in order to have a successful 2020. Currently, our First Vice Chair seat is vacant. Additionally, we are seeking a Fundraising Chair. If you know anyone who could contribute their skills and enthusiasm, email us at

If you would like to contribute in another way, we are seeking volunteers to help update our voter data. When we have our data up to date and current in our database (Votebuilder), the National and State Parties will give us more support! With updated data, our candidates and strategy during election season will be the most efficient and effective. If you are able to canvass or make phone calls to help us in getting our data current (via a simple paper survey), please email us! For more information, contact Kathy Voltz or Victoria Johnson.

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